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Gcobisa Yako

Our experience in existing in both the rural and suburban areas forced us to realise the beauty the rurals hold despite its poverty-stricken reality, and thus developed our passion in exploring the beauty of areas where marginalized communities have created spaces for themselves. Our aim is to create a cinema representative of the versatility and ordinary lives of black and brown South Africans, archive it all so that those who come after us have some kind of blue print as opposed to the blank canvas, we find ourselves trying to colour, with very little sense of direction and history.

Our biggest inspiration in telling stories has been my grandfather whose interesting life and wisdom I’d like to archive, simply because one might never know when they’d need that knowledge. Many people like my grandfather exist in this country and those are the stories I am interested in exploring and respectfully telling, amongst many other stories as I believe film is one of the greatest forms of archiving.

We are very intrigued by our culture, Isixhosa. Although not knowing enough about it, we are interested in reimagining and recreating what it means or could mean to be Xhosa for a person of my experience and knowledge, what that means and how it further expands on the narratives that already exist within the culture.

Don’t quite have a project we comfortable sharing or talking much about at the moment. Everything feels pretty much up in the air and inclusive, but we think that has a lot to do with where we are at mentally. But the sun will shine soon, these are just cycles.

The biggest need for our industry right now we’d say is definitely transparency, communication and genuine sharing of resources. Not on the account of performing diversity and inclusivity but rather on the account of genuine and impactful and expansion because truthfully there’s enough for us all to eat at the table.

Principles and values we champion in our work are:
Honesty and Transparency and that We are nothing without community.
Short Term goal is to move back to Johannesburg lol.
Long Term goal is to be one of the top directors in the country in at least 3 years, maybe 2.

My entire existence is collaboration, we don’t believe there is a way of doing much without
it. It is crucial to our creations.

Our vimeo for any work you’d like to see: