Long For The Coast

Long For The Coast is the musical alias of Jamie and Sophie Gould. With a combination of sincere lyrics and beautiful harmonies, they sing stories about social change, spiritual adventures, and close friends lost and found.  Honest, endearing, and fiercely hopeful, LFTC believe that music is community, and aim to promote a culture of authenticity where people feel safe to be themselves. From cafés and festivals to bookshops and bakeries, this Devon-based duet will play anywhere that people might listen.

 This video of their latest release ‘Splinter’ was filmed within the limits of the COVID lockdown 2020. In response to creating things with doorstep nature, neighbourhood and simple things on their street and own community. They collaborate with a larger band and family of musicians from the south west of England, including cello, brass, piano, drums and full electronic sound. This season was a chance to strip things back to a DIY aesthetic.  
THE STORY OF SPLINTER.  Jamie says...“I wrote ‘Splinter’ as a way of making a deal with my mind... I promised that I would stop throwing myself into stressful situations and learn how to look after it better, in the hope that it will stay with me when I’m old. The chorus describes the direction of our thoughts as we process life experiences, and the cultural shift that we have seen towards mental health losing its stigma – ‘There’s room in this for humanness’. We hope that this sets the tone of our live shows; we always aim to create a space where playing feels more like sharing than performing.”  GOLDFEST They also run a festival. Hear us talking about the vision for goldfest, revolutions at home, creative process, playing games and musical adventures here. IN PODCAST CONVERSATION WITH LONG FOR THE COAST & FRIENDS, DROPPING IN APRIL.