Francesca Grace Woods

Interviewed by Sarah Louise

How do you play?

Play for me is simply accessing the innate curiosity that is found within us all, and following it. It's standing on a prescepist and jumping; finding yourself faced by fear & possibility but throwing caution to the wind and falling into the wonder of the unknown in order to see what's there... Not being satisfied by simply observing but yearning to know what it means to come alive by the possibility of imagination & connectedness... for me it's fearlessly exploring the corners and shades of the mind, body & soul and answering it's call to adventure!

What does story and drama mean to you?

My passion for storytelling was born out of my interest in people, as well as a desire to bring to light the unheard stories or voices. I have always had an unquenched awe for the power of storytelling and have always admired how it can take root in the parts of us that want to connect whilst also challenging us to question why we think the things we think, and more widely reflect on what it means to be human and alive. In my opinion, good storytelling shouldn't give you an answer, but offer you a question to explore

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about being a part of telling stories that hold creativity, excellence and integrity in equal measure. Whether that looks like holding mirrors up or allowing the topics that are hard to talk about room to breathe or maybe shining the light on some hidden treasures of our world. Having been inspired by my years working with young people in schools and youth programs, I would specifically like to reach young people with engaging and dynamic theatre that meets them where they’re at. The beauty of theatre is that it does engage our thinking selves and our emotional selves and by using theatre to put flesh and bones to a person's experience and say 'you are not alone in how you feel and in what you face'... That's the reward for me.

Why do you write?

As an actor I had become restless in my own experiences of performing in productions that had simply been done a thousand times before and felt a desire to create new stories grow in me, I’d began to notice that as an actor I was always bound by someone else’s words and although I was always told I was dyslexic and struggled with academic writing; I, in fact, thrive on a challenge...! But, more importantly, I began to feel that for the first time after years of feeling like 'why would anyone want to listen to me' that actually, there is some value in saying something; and I have felt like I do in fact have something to say