Bradley Sekiti

Interviewed by Kgomotso Kiggy

Please tell me the name of your project and who you've started/collaborated or work on it with?
The project is called the Three balloons and so far I’ve worked with local designer and stylist Nao Serati.

Please give me a brief project description?
The three balloons is an extensive body of work that explores the generational and ongoing traumas of Black bodies, the everyday experiences of queer black bodies and black bodies ability to embrace the gift of life through celebration portrayed by a balloon.

The work puts a spectacle on the exploitation of Black bodies in contemporary art spaces through the lens of white bodies for the white gaze and how that has shifted the way Black bodies have to express themselves through art, in order to be palatable for contemporary art spaces. It looks into how Blackness is now viewed as a commodity or rather a can of beans you can buy off the shelves, and the erasure of black bodies.

How did the idea come about?
I just have always enjoyed balloons because they capture a lot of emotions that come with celebration in general. The stress that comes with planning a moment of celebrating and actually being present within celebrating. The balloons just really incapsulate my life story. That moment of releasing pain through breath into a balloon has also served as a part of rehabilitation which is essentially what art does for the artist themselves.

Any short term goals you'd like to share?
I would love to be in an institution where I can learn more skills in the arts, maybe something digital also.

What do you deem to be priorities of your project?
To make sure that the story doesn’t centre me and by virtue of that it places me as avessel of expression for other black queer bodies.

Is there a 'big idea' for all the work that you do? What is it and how does this project contribute to that big idea?
The big idea is mainly finding methods of healing for all these bodies that have been holding on to this pain.

What are the foremost principles and values you champion in your work?
To enforce the idea of communal healing.

Tell me a little about yourself as an artist or creative?
I am very spontaneous and I enjoy broadening my skills as a creative. My work really speaks a lot for me as a person and I endlessly like allowing the universe to guide me.

Any short term goals you'd like to share?
I would love to be in an institution where I can learn more skills in the arts, maybe something digital also.

Any long term goals you'd like to share?
To go back into being a choreographer.

Do you believe in collaboration? why?
Yes because I don’t think its possible for one person to know everything and also it could help me learn new things from other people and also have a new perspective/quality for my work.

What are your views on playing and experimentation, and do these come through inhow you put your work together?
I love experimenting, even as a performer, I enjoy improvising which allows me to look atthings in different ways and for my body to just flow. My work sometimes even include theprocess as part of the final artwork so I’m a fan of it.