Sarah Louise Davies

Sarah is a UK based award winning artist, actor, singer/vocalist and director. Sarah’s work combines collaborative improvisation with live interactive experiences and spaces that play.  She has performed at international Jazz festivals, the west end stage, Yorkshire pubs, a boat in Hull to improvised music videos. Her work and collaborations have won national awards for innovation, directing, comedy and writing.  As a musician, Sarah creates soulful and playful music with her voice, words and melodies, looping powerful harmonies and sound adventures. Collaborating with Leeds jazz funk 9 piece, blissful world soul and London based electronic dance music.  As a practitioner, Sarah applies the power & ecology of play, games, improvisation + movement for health, organisations, retreats and change.  Sarah also co hosts & produces live and digital experiences working closely with international artists, musicians and city spaces to build community, explore play and reclaim art of gathering. Running dance nights, Open Tables and intimate music parties in neighbourhoods.  Sarah is the UK director for Above Water project.
“Sarah is a multi talented ideas woman - a force of energy with a passion for the transformative power of the arts. A hugely inspiring and engaging collaborator, with boundless creative skill, vision, ambition and belief in people. She works with a high degree of professionalism, dedication and integrity.”— Anna Webb, Director