Who we are

A digital space and interactive online platform that facilitates a crossover for communities to showcase, start relationships, exchange information and explore other experiential cultures. We want to introduce artists to one another creating in different fields, cultures and contexts where there are barriers, and make it possible for them to collaborate, remotely, digitally and in person with international residencies.  

Above Water operates from South Africa and the United Kingdom. We document and exhibit work from live artists and festival organizers who work in their communities. We build relationship with creatives across borders. We believe the creative process needs that spirit of play. So we do. Together. 

We want to build a family of artists and festival leaders who impact their communities and neighbourhoods. 
We see a growing family between artists who play, want to remember and wake up to play, collaborate and impact their cities. We are building a family of artists, festival leaders and communities in the UK and Africa who want to remind the world through live experiences how and why we do what we do.